A Special Message from Corey Taylor...

I want to start by saying I am not the lead singer of Slipknot or any other band. That's a different guy.

I am, however, the author of The Untoward Adventures of Ichabod Stitch. The character Ichabod Stitch has a place close to my heart because he has become a sort of alter-ego for me. That started, I suppose, because when I wrote the novel, I started posting as Ichabod Stitch on Facebook. Also, the readers kept referring to Ichabod as me, most likely because I wrote in in first person as Ichabod. After a while, I blogged about it, coming to the realization that I am proud to be thought of as this fun character who is so strong, bold, and irreverent (with a taste for cock that matches my own)!
I also realized that the cool, funny, charismatic Ichabod Stitch was the perfect way to represent the muses that inspire and inform my overall creativity: the art I create, the subjects I write about, the music I listen to. In fact, and those closest to me can vouch for this, he accurately represents how I live. The result was authentic, irreverent expressions of DICKS, DRUGS, and ROCK-N-ROLL!